The Coburg fortress

Residence city with centuries of history

Coburg is located in the heart of Germany, was first mentioned in 1056 and was the residence city of the dukes Saxony-Coburg and Gotha between the 16th century and 1918.

The city in Upper Franconia is rich in art treasures, monuments and history. The “Veste Coburg”, also known as the “Franconian crown”, is one of the largest castle complexes in Germany. Here, among other things, the valuable art collections of the dukes are housed. Martin Luther stayed on the fortress and worked on his Bible translation for about 6 months in 1530.

By the way, in 1861 Queen Victoria had the first mahogany-wood toilet built in Germany in the magnificent residence palace “Ehrenburg”.

Saxony-Coburg and Gotha

Queen Victoria
and Prince Albert

The former Duchy of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha is related to almost all royal families through the wedding between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Other celebrities, such as Martin Luther, Friedrich Rückert, Richard Strauss and Johann Strauss, left their mark here.

Franz Xaver Winterhalter artist QS:P170,Q168659, Franz Xaver Winterhalter Family of Queen Victoria, marked as public domain, details on Wikimedia Commons

Rich in cultural offerings

Discover Coburg and the diverse surroundings of Coburg

Experience the cultural diversity and visit the most beautiful castles in Franconia and Rennsteig / Thuringia. Samba festival, modern concerts, open airs, operettas, plays, christmas market, there is plenty to see for everyone.

Soothing and easily accessible thermal baths in Bad Rodach, Bad Staffelstein and Bad Colberg invite you to relax and unwind. Explore the extensive, well-signposted hiking and biking trails in the beautiful holiday region of Coburg-Rennsteig, as well as the delightful Franconia region. Enjoy the power and energy of the wonderful Upper Franconian nature.

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