Unique historical charm

Hotel Hahnmühle 1323

Your extraordinary hotel in Coburg

Almost 700 years of history

The hotel in Coburg with the special ambience

We warmly welcome you to our romantic hotel in Coburg. The Hotel “Hahnmühle 1323“ is the second oldest, listed half-timbered building in Coburg and was built in 1323. It was first mentioned as “Haynmühle” where grain was grinded by the power of the Hahn River. “Mühle” is the German word for mill, that’s where our name comes from. Over the centuries, the use of the Hahnmühle building changed from various mills to a tannery, a furniture store, a café and finally a butcher’s shop. Through extensive renovation work, the half-timbered building became the glamorous “Hotel Hahnmühle 1323”, while preserving the historical details.

Let yourself be charmed by the power of the historic building. The well-preserved and visible sandstone masonry and the half-timbering reflect the history of the listed building and are shown in the rooms.

Front of hotel with half-timbered facade - Hotel Hahnmühle 1323

Luxurious unique rooms

Enjoy the historical flair of the hotel

Excellently equipped

Simply feel good - Hotel in Coburg with excellent facilities

Plasma TV


Shower / toilet

Writing desk

Nespresso machine

Delicious breakfast

Flexible check-in

Self checkout

Downtown location

Free parking spaces

Experience style and service

Enjoy your stay in Coburg


Historic flair and luxurious rooms

Discover the unique charm of our wonderful house.


Excellent service

Our staff will make your stay as pleasant as possible.


Excellent location

The hotel is located in the center of Coburg and is easy to reach.

Are there any questions left?

We will help you quickly and gladly

Satisfied guests

This is what our guests say about our hotel

Very nice old half-timbered house in the center of Coburg. Free parking at the hotel. Walks can be done on foot. Friendly welcome, clean, spacious rooms, a modern bathroom.


Perfect location, nice house and very friendly staff.


Immaculate and impeccable service in one of the most extraordinary hotels: the newly renovated historic building is almost 700 years old. Employees have an enormous zeal to do everything "just right" and put a lot of time and effort into doing it with a smile! The location is wonderful for traveling on foot, by train or by car: the city center is about 5 minutes on foot. The accommodation was luxurious and the breakfast great. I cannot recommend this hotel enough: it is a triumph of style and service in every way.

Great Britain
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